Why The GDPR Law Got Me Jazzed!

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Last night, I sent my list the most boring email on the planet. 

I didn’t even try to sauce it up because it’s like the law, so I didn’t even know what my limits were, and there really is no way to make the word “compliance” sexy (like by any means).

For those of you wondering, The GDPR Law (The General Data Protection Regulation) is defined as the legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information of individuals within the European Union. 

This is fancy for more transparency about the collection of your personal info and how it's used. 

But you wanna know something soooo weird? The GDPR email actually got me jazzed!

And it all has to do with a human spine I used to carry around in a large rolling suitcase...

The Tale of The Human Spine

Five years ago, I graduated from grad school and was working for a chiropractic wellness center carrying around a spine (a fake one, don’t worry) 100 pamphlets on muscles, bones, and ligaments, and clipboards to get folks to come in for appointments. 

I always felt good because I believed (and still do) that you have to take care of yourself. Often, we don’t fully understand our insurance benefits and I learned a TON about the medical world (seriously - ask me anything about your HMO or PPO because I know the answer!).

But you know what else??? I was DAMN good at it. 

Like too good. I would remember people months later when they came in for an appointment. I could go up to literally anyone. I  read up on the spine, I could answer any question, alleviate any fears around “cracking” - you name it! 

My brother (a physical therapist) even asked me - “Did you go to chiropractic school and I missed graduation?”

Why am I telling you this…?

Build Your Dream - Cardi B. Style

With the help of a coach, I realized that…

Although I loved going to offices all over Manhattan, this was not why I went to Harvard for grad school. Just like my boss had built his dream of running his own practice - I had dreams, too. So, I started building my own dreams - slowly but surely. 

First, I didn’t even know what the heck I was doing. I just did what my coach said and stuff would happen. It was scary. 

Suddenly, I had one or two clients and had to give up a few shifts at the docs. Within two years, I was basically juggling two full-time jobs and three years ago, I took the leap with my business.

And, just last night at 9 p.m. EST,  I am sent out a freakin’ GDPR email because I have international clients now. 

(I’m sorryyyyyy. What??)

In the words of Cardi B, “And that only goes to show that only God knows, I take pictures with Beyonce, I met Mama Knowles…”

Now, I’m not in a pic with Queen Bey just yet but I have the clarity, the flexibility, and the joy I always wanted. 

Commitment Matters

What I learned from my time at the docs is commitment matters... 

My own mama taught me to take pride in every single job you do. Work breeds work, and you never know where it will take you. 

I put that same learning and growth into every single one of my clients - and it pays off. Clients have been blowing up the entrepreneurial charts!!

So, this weekend...I want you to take a moment and seriously think about how far you’ve come. It’s crazy, right? 

Continue to get comfortable in the uncomfortable and know that there is always light waiting for you. (That light is so bright, you’re gonna need to buy some Tory Burch sunglasses.) 

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