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Get It Done.


In the words of Britney...

I’m like a firecracker.

I make it hot!

That’s why it’s my goal to make it as simple as possible for you to have all the savvy words, sass, and support you need to create hot off the presses virtual copy you can’t wait for your audience to see.

I make it even simpler to get started…


Enroll in Copy U!

Strategy, Support, Samples, and Personalized Edits!

Group classes at Copy U! guide you through a 6-part system to write copy that sounds like you - websites, online shows, email marketing, and more.

Is this for moi…

  • Coach or creative looking for detailed support as you write copy for your biz that radiates your voice and vibe.

  • Looking to make each step doable so the writing actually gets done with samples, templates, and real-time edits on your work.

  • Excited about having a supportive guide (fully equipped with 90s jokes) right beside you the entire time.

Check out what courses we’re offering this semester…

Done With You

Copywriting + Consulting Conversation

Also referred to as The Shonda Rhimes Deep Dive. During this 2-hour session, we will get crystal clear on what really makes you different. What’s the “practical magic” problem you solve. And how the heck do you do it?

Think Olivia Pope & Associates dissecting a case. (You can totally drink a Thor-sized glass of red wine and eat popcorn during the sesh - just like Olivia.)

This is also a deep dive into your supporting materials: website, social media, sales pages, and email sequences.

You will get a recording of our call, a full how-to for your next best steps, and ONE edit of your materials (within 4 weeks of our conversation).

Is this for moi?

  • Coach or creative looking to own your corner of the virtual streets.

  • Experienced entrepreneur who likes writing but easily gets lost trying to solidify your messaging and connection with your audience.

  • Desperately searching for a trusted guide to walk you through your website and other materials to find out what’s working, what’s missing, and your next best steps.

This is also a great option to get a fresh set of eyes on work you’ve already done. I can make sure it’s exactly where you want it while strengthening your own writing in the process.

Done For You

Full Package

There is lotsss I can help you with. From full websites, sales pages, email sequences, landing pages, summit/program launches, social media - and more.

We will work closely to understand the 24k magic you bring to your clients with a 2-hour Copywriting + Consulting Conversation. Then, I offer a full writing package to make sure it all gets done for you.

Is this for moi?

  • Launching a project that needs an experienced writer’s eyes, system, support, and full-service writing.

  • You love sassy copy that always leads with humor and backs it up with some much needed vulnerability.

  • Ready to create the copy materials you need with full-service support, every step of the way.

New Project, Who ‘Dis?

Contact me for a full quote and timeline.


Not sure what kind of “get it done” you need?

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