Why You Should Start “Offending” Your List

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As a coach or creative, you are looking to create a community of action takers. You are looking to create content that educates, inspires, and motivates folks to realize why support is the key to success. 

I mean it really, really is! 

(Even Forbes says so and those Gal and Guy Gadots know a thing or two about business.)

Now, there will always be *some* people on your list that like you and are interested in your ideas but don’t take that next step for your support in the form of a paid service or product. And that’s ok - that’s normal. 

Lately, I’ve had many clients super worried about people unsubscribing from and/or “offending” their list. 

In fact, many entrepreneurs are so worried about this that when they first come to me, they are only sharing a tiptoe view of their ideas to their current audience. 

And, let me tell you, these entrepreneurs have serious skills and talents, and they are *all* different from each other - even my peeps in similar fields. 

What if I told you that the more specific you are about you and the work you do, the bigger your impact? (While making way more money!)

(And that offending people may be the key to getting there.) 

Yep. I’m going to…

Reframing Offensive

It’s safe to say that you’re probably not voicing vicious, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. material to your list. (If you are, stop reading me, k?)

“So, you don’t mean the actual definition of offensive, Marisa?” you might be wondering. And you’d be right - I don’t. 

Let me break it down...

This week, I did a Writer’s Block Workshop with an incredible entrepreneur. The minute I heard her voice, I knew she had something special to offer the world. 

Her faith is a big part of her life and it helped her through various illnesses, as well as ultimately reaching her health goals, and now she helps other people do the same. 

One of the things she was struggling with was where the faith part fit into her business. She didn’t want to “offend” any readers or have it be a “turn-off” that she loses out on prospects. 

But the way she incorporated her faith felt so genuine and authentic. In fact, it felt like a disservice to her followers (and to herself!) to not utilize this aspect in her business. 

Now, is she walking around saying that Jesus alone is how she lost 20 lbs? No, she’s not. 

What she’s saying is that along with the physical habits, looking at emotional eating, there is also a spiritual aspect that keeps you motivated. 

It can be Jesus; it could also be Buddha, meditation, yoga, a walk outside, etc. I think that’s pretty dang cool and way better than having to navigate my way through yet another cleanse that tells me I can never eat ice cream again. 

This gives her more motivation (and better content) to write for her business because it’s her unique spin. She’s doing it like it ain’t been done. Now, with some solid structure and templates, she’s ready to write some kick-butt connection emails. 

And, if we take it a step further, working with people who are open to this is going to be more fulfilling for her in the long run.

Annnnddd it’s going to skyrocket her business because when you take that one-way ticket to Specific Town, people want to go there, too. It’s refreshing. 

Keep Calm and Let Them Unsubscribe

My clients get so worried when people unsubscribe. I get it. We don’t want people leaving us and if you have a mass exodus, it’s worth a good look to see what’s going on. 

But unsubscribes can be a good thing. Say what? Yes. I mean it. 

We are so worried about having a big list instead of an engaged, active list. A big list alone is not going to bring you money. 

Yes, you need a list. You need to keep growing your list because connections create connections but numbers alone are not the only factor. Take the idea of buying followers on Instagram. You could but they aren’t going to comment or engage with your posts. So, they are there for clout only.

Plus, it doesn’t actually help you find out what’s really resonating with people and causing them to like, comment, and follow you.

Take one of my clients who recently hosted an incredible masterclass series...

One of the experts she interviewed had an astronomical following that would have many entrepreneurs (including moi) drooling with envy. 

Get this: this expert’s following had a super low open rate (I’m talking lowwww) and barely had any engagement with the list. 

As is true in all things in life - it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it. 

In fact, an unsubscribe can be a sign that you are getting so super specific on who you are, what makes you stand out and how to do it, that you are weeding out the people who might not be ready to get that specific. That’s ok because chances are that person probably wasn’t going to buy your group program. (Ya feel me?) 

Think about that *thing* about your business you tell your friends over drinks. The thing you say when you aren’t worried about being perfect or correct or not worried about “offending” people. That’s the stuff you want to write about. 

In the words of The Countess, “The most interesting people make the best headlines.” 

What’s it for me when I’m out in Atlanta and people ask me why I do what I do? 

Here’s my response…

I really want to help coaches and creatives understand that you can nail your voice and vibe WHILE writing at the same time. There are simple formulas and templates that can make writing more of a plug and play then constantly analyzing and second guessing your message.

I hate to break it to you but unless you start actually click-clacking at the computer, your website isn’t going to write itself. (Wouldn’t it be great if it could tho? It might be a little too Black Mirror for me.) 

Now you…

What really makes you stand out?

Have you been nervous to say what it is?

(I feel like a Maury Povich episode prompt but you get the idea.) Pop it in the comments or email it to me and I’ll get back to you. Promise.