1 Super Clever Way to Get Your Next Email Read

Pool Pic.png

My mother-in-law can fold a bikini like a MOFO. 

I’m not sure how she does it - it’s like people who can fold fitted sheets. 

What is this wizardry? 

Second summer Eric (my husband) and I were dating, we’d go up and see his parents nearly every weekend. 

They had all the things that make a summer weekend magical - buffalo chicken dip, a Dairy Queen, room fans, and a pool. 

I’m a fish. Always have been, always will be. So, Eric and I would spend all day in that above ground paradise on two floats like Elle Woods in her Legally Blonde Harvard admissions video. 

Around 4 pm (ish), I’d shower and hang my bikini up on the edge of the pool and go on with the other magical things - like a Snickers Blizzard. 

Where Did The Bikini Go

Inevitably, around midnight, I’d remember that I left my bikini to dry on the deck. 

Off I’d go with the fireflies and my iPhone light to find it BUT first I’d run upstairs to grab my sandals and boom…

There on the bed, my folded bikini along with a fresh towel for the next day. 

(Folded like a wizard.) 

Certainly not the work of Eric...the work of my (now) mother-in-law. 

See, that’s who she is - she’s always thinking ahead for the people she loves. Literally, it’s what she lives for to remember to fold my bikini and lessen the stress load just a tad if she can. 

Now, isn’t that way better than me starting this email with, “My mother-in-law is so thoughtful…”? 

Get Specific, Get Read

What I need you to understand is the power of story over adjectives. 

The power of thoughts, smells, scenery, colors of trees over “descriptors.” The cool thing is, when you get this specific - it's truly unique to only you. 

In the words of Cardi B. "I'm my own competition, I'm competin' with myself (brrr)…"

So, don’t say your program is life-changing. 

People can’t wrap their brains around that. Humans wrap their brands around imagery, shared experience, specifics. It’s what makes great comedians, song lyrics, etc. 

And it’s what’s going to make you the leader of the pack.

Tell me what life-changing looks like if I’m your ideal person…

  • Finally mastering a bedtime routine that doesn’t have me answering emails at midnight.
  • What protein amount to eat after my workout as opposed to thinking a 200 calorie Healthy Choice meal is gonna cut it after HIIT class.
  • Creating a list of who to catch up with each week on the phone without forgetting a single person.
  • Waking up every Monday morning without hitting the fear snooze button because I don’t want to face the day. I’m ecstatic for the first time in years.

These things will equal life changing to me if I’m your right audience. 

The Power of The Pensieve

This means you gotta whip your Pensieve out today. (Google this if you don’t know what it is!)

It’s from Harry Potter and it’s basically how Harry figures out some serious sh*t because he’s able to review memories of important characters. 

What are the 3 things that make prospective clients want to…

  • read your email until the end
  • schedule a call to learn about your program
  • take the next step to invest in themselves

Pop them in the comments.

Let’s see how they look, feel, and sound.