How Country Music Will Improve Your Copy, Fast

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The first time I ever heard Jason Isbell, we were on our way to IKEA stuck in a traffic jam on 85 in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

We had just moved here and needed a few “things” at IKEA (um…$700 later but I digress).

I’m a major Chris Stapleton fan and we had been listening to his Spotify radio when suddenly I heard this new voice.

See, the honest truth is - besides Chris Stapleton -  I’m not a country music gal. I argue with people constantly that Chris is more Allman Brothers than he is...say someone like Luke Bryan (no disrespect. I loved Luke’s mom on the American Idol Mother’s Day special!)

So, when I first heard this voice, I paused to really listen to him and what I discovered is directly linked to how and why you need to...write like your damn self.

Write Your Own Lyrics

If you aren’t twangy like Alan Jackson, that’s ok. You don’t have to be talking about setting fire to your ex’s Ford 150 to be relatable. (Please ask me about all my problems with Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” song someday.)

Take my favorite lyrics of Jason’s…

I was born in a tiny southern town

I grew up with all my family around

We made music on the porch on Sunday nights

Old men with old guitars smoking Winston Lights


Old women harmonizing with the wind

Singing softly to the savior like a friend

They taught me how to make the chords and sing the words

I'm still singing like that great speckled bird

To me, these are some of the most perfectly written ever.

Can’t you smell this front porch? Can’t you see exactly what they all are wearing? The facial hair, the temperature even, the smell and look of a Winston Light? Can’t you feel it alllll? 

This is Bob Dylan level. Jason is Bob Dylan level. No, he’s Jason Isbell level.  Now get this, Jason is considered “alternative” country? I want you to be alternative country if that speaks to you, ok?

Be Alt-Country

What this means is you don’t have to start your emails with “Hey Soul Sister!” if that ain’t your jam. You don’t have to keep saying, “Y'all feel me?” in your sales pages. (Y’all feel me? ;)

Thing is, you should have a specific opening - think about how you say hello to your friends, the people who know you best - use that. 

Being real and relatable doesn’t mean you have to conform to how other people are writing about their business. Or how the gals on Instagram are rocking their brands and the hashtag of the moment. (Check out my #InstagramModelFail photos for this very reason on my Instagram.)

This doesn’t make you boring. This means we have to do a little investigative work into your favorite words, phrases - and how that pops and stands out to your audience. 

This is one of the very first exercises I do with my new clients.

I work super hard to make sure that how I write to you is exactly how I talk. So, if you get on the phone with’re not shocked to find out I got lots to say, I move fast, and I reference a lot of 90s movies, and say “basic” a bunch.

At the same time, you have to make sense and you have to be instantly “head nodded”.

This means we gotta bring the woo-woo down to the practical. By all means be woo woo. I love it all. But the woo-woo needs to be specific.

Passion Meets Her Maker

You can’t tell me you help women find their passion and purpose.

You. Just. Can’t.

It’s been ruined for all of us by the coaches before us who didn't have someone helping them dig deeper into what they do. I always say passion and purpose are revelation #1. Now, #2 means you have to be more specific than that.

Break down the passion: What is your woman passionate about? What does she want her purpose to be? What does that woman even look like? 

This is why investing in a copy mentor - someone who knows how to help you make these tweaks is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Here's the help list I think your biz needs...

  • A generous and kick ass biz coach. (Don’t go at it alone - just don’t.)
  • A great VA with Rolling Stones level tech skills.
  • A copywriter who understands what it’s like to work inside service-based businesses -  how to cut through the chaos and get out your real voice + vibe.

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But first, go listen to Jason Isbell and tell me what ya think ;) My favorite songs are the following...

Something To Love

Hudson Commodore

The Life You Chose

Cover Me Up

Pop a singer you think I should listen to in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for my next music obsession. (Much appreciated!)