The 3 Step System To Writing A Kick-Ass About Page

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Your About Page ain’t about you. Well, that’s not true. It’s not entirely about you. And this is a crucial distinction.

It's one of the most critical pieces of copy you’ll write, so it’s important to spend some quality time creating it.

Remember when Mr. Rogers was talking to the TV and it felt like he was speaking solely to you? Well, grab your Ked-like sneakers, a blue zip-up sweater, and feed the aquarium fish because today you are becoming everyone’s favorite virtual neighbor...

One of the reasons why Fred Rogers was literally the greatest man to walk this Earth is because of his ability to connect and to be super specific in the way he spoke to children.

He made you feel heard, seen and recognized. This is what makes people feel compelled to become part of your community.

The same ideas apply when it comes to your About Page.

Follow this 3-step system to make it easy...

Get That Head Nod

When prospects come to your website, they want to feel like they’ve come to the right place - that you get them.

This means you have to make the opening of your About Page mean something for them. It has to be about the reader...

  • This is the place where women go to stop dieting - for good.
  • Ever feel like there’s so much to do on the get healthy list?

  • Do you want to get more done in your business but feel like you only have 30 minutes a day (at most?)

When you get specific to what your ideal client is going through, you will get a head nod from them and that feeling like, “Yes, that is so me!”

Take Action: What's 3 thoughts your ideal client is likely thinking about over and over? What’s holding them back?

Check out Di Ana’s opening to her About Page where she gets super specific with the parents she works with.

Pick Your Literary Favorite

The next part of your About Page involves you. This is where you connect the above questions or bold statements to why you are the best person for helping your ideal client move forward.

A lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners get stuck here because writing about yourself is a b*tch. And it’s easy to say too little or too much.

You end up saying nothing that really gives a strong idea of who you are or you write a Winston Churchill-level biography of yourself that includes the phrase, “Some people refer to me as a thought guru.”

Do this instead…

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird - Atticus Finch tells us you can’t know a person until you "to climb into someone's skin and walk around in it" Is this you? Do you know what it’s like to be your ideal client? Maybe you’re a weight loss coach who once struggled with your weight, too. Or a financial coach who went from being in major debt to finding financial freedom.
  2. Practical Magic - everyone in the town knocks on The Owen’s Sisters’ door late at night for their potions, tricks, and spells. The mortals know they have the gift or talent to really help them. Is this you? Maybe you’re like me and you’ve always had that practical magic to be able to help someone put their ideas down on virtual paper.

Once you pick your literary adventure, get super specific about that Atticus moment you relate to or The Practical Magic problem you solve.

Bonus: Use story over descriptors. Check out a recent post where I break down exactly how to do this. (It’s also a super easy way to get your next email read!)

Here’s a great example of this in action…

Mark is a meditation teacher. He’s also been in about 20 Broadway shows, but he understands that his About Page is not the place to spout every achievement on the planet. He uses a particular time in his life that can directly relate back to his ideal client.

Read it here.

Plus, he uses his story to connect to exactly how he helps other people create more confidence and peace within their daily lives rounding out a solid, compelling page.

What’s Next

There are no cliffhangers in About Pages! Give your reader somewhere to go, keep them in your world for as much time as you can!

Offer them an opportunity to speak with you, direct them towards a free class or workshop you have going on, or perhaps direct them to your services page.

You may hear this referred to as the CTA or call to action.

Just like Mr. Rogers, you are their guide. If you’ve done your job of being specific and relatable, they will want to go with you to the next stop.

Here’s one of my favorite CTAs…

Jen offers her free e-book at the bottom: 5 Simple Steps to Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss.

If you need help creating a killer About Page for your website - schedule a Copy Chat!

I’ll take you through these steps, create a customized template for you, and answer your specific questions. Plus, you get my eyes and edits on the draft you create! (It’s pretty sweet, I know!)

Quick Question:

Which literary adventure are you?

Answer below! I can’t wait to hear which world you fall into.