3 Copy Myths Debunked!

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Watch The 3 Copy Myths Debunked Video Below

You'll learn...

  • Who your About Page *really* should be about (hint: it ain’t you). And why your favorite doctor helps this makes sense.
  • Why you need to stop worrying about your ideal client + start writing instead (preferably today).

  • The #1 phrase to never write again. Erase it fast. (You’ll thank me later or actually, immediately.)

There’s also a major screw-up on my part right smack in the middle. It was too late to re-do the whole video because I’d said so much gooood stuff up until that moment, so this is also a great example of why DONE is better than PERFECT.


Things I referenced you should read...

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What myths do you refuse to stop believing in even though you know it's probably not true?

(I'm convinced that Bigfoot is real because Harry and the Hendersons is one of my all-time favorite movies.) 

Pop yours in the comments now! 

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