A Sneak Peek Inside

This 6-Month Mentorship

To Unleash Your Voice

And Sell With It

Writing The Website

Month 1

Focus here is all on your virtual storefront. Create (or overhaul) a simple About, Home, and Services page clearly displaying your vibe and voice, The Practical Magic problem you solve, and why working with you is better than a Beyoncé concert. (You may even need to get a wind machine!)

By the end of the month:

A written website ready for design. Boom.

Storytelling in Your Emails

Month 2

Following a 6-template formula, you’ll get crystal clear on the most effective and compelling ways to communicate with your list so they actually read it. You’ll present email for review and have a strategy for repeating the formula every single time.

By the end of the month:

Your first 6-email connection series done and scheduled out. You’re welcome.

Launches, Sales Pages, and Promo Emails, Oh My!

Month 3

This is midway through our semester. We are taking all you’ve learned on creating your 24K magic, connecting with your list, and now you’re ready to convert it to clients and cash. This involves creating a compelling sales page, promo emails, and follow-up. This can be for a webinar, summit, or paid program.

By the end of the month:

A solid sales page for your program, 3 promo emails, and reminder emails. Loving your style!

Study Hall

Month 4

This is your chance to get caught up on everything we’ve worked on so far. If you missed something, no problem. You can get it done. Promise. We will devote the entire month to where you feel stuck, need more clarity, as well as looking at each other's writing to dive further into what’s working and what needs more focus.

By the end of the month:

You will be ahead of the writing game and developing your personal writing process. Yes, productivity!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Month 5

You have clients! Hooray! Now what? Let’s make sure they have everything they need to feel welcomed and taken care of while making it easy for you to communicate responsibilities and expectations.

By the end of the month:

All necessary onboarding documents for new clients to feel like a million bucks. Are you The St. Regis or what?

Extra Credit

Month 6

We’ll cover speaker pages, thank you pages, pitch emails, and the other “extra” copy you need as your business keeps growing.

By the end of the month:

Solid structure for these “extra” pages so you know exactly how to write them. Don’t forget me when you’re famous, k?

By the time The Starbucks Holiday Cups roll out:

You will have absolute clarity and confidence

as the content creator of your business with a vibe and voice

that connects, compels, and sells.

(with every single piece of copy you need to make it happen)