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A 6-Month Messaging and Business Mentorship

Copy Done. Customized Edits. Get Clients.


Must-Ask Question for Coaches and Service-Based Biz...

What’s the difference between being a coach with an unmistakable personality and full 1:1 practice with dream clients who make you shoot out of bed on Monday morning (no snooze required)...

With enough extra cash to grab that Joanna Gaines rug at Anthropologie...

And one who’s crying into her matcha because the only person responding to her emails is her mom and the sales page she need to write to hook those dream clients has been a blank Google screen for the last 6 months?

Unleashing Your Voice With Copy

That Grabs Attention and Makes Money...

without sounding like a sales-y weirdo…

is the difference.

But you need the step-by-step strategy, tools, and accountability to actually make it happen.

Because when you sit down to write, here’s how your mind monster plays tricks on you...

  • What the heck do I even write? Where do I find ideas?

  • How do I get clicks with this email, sales page, landing page?

  • What’s my unique voice or message? I feel like I sound like everyone else.

  • I wish I had a concrete strategy to follow so I know what’s coming up next with my content.

  • My list is too small. No one’s reading me anyways.

How do I convert browsers to buyers without sounding like a sales-y robot?

Next Thing Ya’ Know…


“Oh, look squirrels...a political rant I *need* to comment on Facebook...gosh my sink looks dirty...I should clean it...and text my friend back about that giphy where the raccoon is stealing the baby’s candy.”


You’re craving an easier way to get copy confident.


Welcome to

The Copy Confidence Society!



May 6th, 2019



Create Compelling Copy and Get Sh*t Done:

My private clients pay me $2,000+ per project and it’s over $400 just for an hour of my time.

But you don’t have to pay even close to that to...

* Discover the steps, strategy, and support to make your copy stand out, get read, and drooled over, with applauses and credit cards flying at your face. (Virtually. No one should be wounded in the art of selling like a motherf*****r, ya know?)

* Building a consistent content calendar so you stop shooting email darts at your list without solid intention.

* Get the pull-you-up by your bootstrap leadership and constant accountability to unlock massive confidence about every piece of content you create and actually get it done...this year.


A Sneak Peek Inside

This 6-Month Mentorship

To Unleash Your Voice

And Sell With It

Writing The Website

Month 1

Focus here is all on your virtual storefront. Create (or overhaul) a simple About, Home, and Services page clearly displaying your vibe and voice, The Practical Magic problem you solve, and why working with you is better than a Beyoncé concert. (You may even need to get a wind machine!)

By the end of the month:

A written website ready for design. Boom.

Storytelling in Your Emails

Month 2

Following a 6-template formula, you’ll get crystal clear on the most effective and compelling ways to communicate with your list so they actually read it. You’ll present email for review and have a strategy for repeating the formula every single time.

By the end of the month:

Your first 6-email connection series done and scheduled out. You’re welcome.

Launches, Sales Pages, and Promo Emails, Oh My!

Month 3

This is midway through our semester. We are taking all you’ve learned on creating your 24K magic, connecting with your list, and now you’re ready to convert it to clients and cash. This involves creating a compelling sales page, promo emails, and follow-up. This can be for a webinar, summit, or paid program.

By the end of the month:

A solid sales page for your program, 3 promo emails, and reminder emails. Loving your style!

Study Hall

Month 4

This is your chance to get caught up on everything we’ve worked on so far. If you missed something, no problem. You can get it done. Promise. We will devote the entire month to where you feel stuck, need more clarity, as well as looking at each other's writing to dive further into what’s working and what needs more focus.

By the end of the month:

You will be ahead of the writing game and developing your personal writing process. Yes, productivity!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Month 5

You have clients! Hooray! Now what? Let’s make sure they have everything they need to feel welcomed and taken care of while making it easy for you to communicate responsibilities and expectations.

By the end of the month:

All necessary onboarding documents for new clients to feel like a million bucks. Are you The St. Regis or what?

Extra Credit

Month 6

We’ll cover speaker pages, thank you pages, pitch emails, and the other “extra” copy you need as your business keeps growing.

By the end of the month:

Solid structure for these “extra” pages so you know exactly how to write them. Don’t forget me when you’re famous, k?

By the time The Starbucks Holiday Cups roll out:

You will have absolute clarity and confidence

as the content creator of your business with a vibe and voice

that connects, compels, and sells.

(with every single piece of copy you need to make it happen)

MC 04.jpg

Hey, I’m Marisa Corcoran…

(pronounced MA-REE-SA CORK-REN**)

**blame my mother and husband for that combo of hard-to-say.

I’m a copywriter and messaging strategist. And I’m a damn good storyteller.

As a former actor with an MFA from Harvard University, I figured out quickly that the strategies, tips and tools that make you a great actor…

Make you an exceptional conversion copywriter for your business.

This is your chance to get this unique, not-offered-anywhere else perspective on copy and messaging.

(I’ve already done the heavy lifting and paid that Harvard $$ for you. Ya’ feel me?)

When I started bringing my skills, sass, and support to coaches and creatives, things like 85% landing pages and $100K launches started happening…

But it’s not just about conversions or mo’ money, less problems (not true by the way) or working from Bali...

(btw if I’m in Bali I ain’t workin’)

MC 16.jpg

This is about unleashing your unique voice, using stories to connect and engage with your audience, and convert them into happy clients with a strategy you’ll use again and again.



 Ready to be one of the 12 entrepreneurs inside this boutique copy creation experience?


MC 14 (1).jpg

Included In This 6-Month Copy Collaboration

  • 60-Minute Copy Chat Strategy: before the mentorship even starts, you and I will sit down and map out your specific strategy. Decide your focus for lead generation, getting more engagement, storytelling, and content calendar.

  • Monthly Trainings: recorded trainings that go in-depth with our theme for the month. (These will be recorded!)

  • 2 Group Calls Each Month (12 group calls total!): deep dive and hot seats for each copy component so you feel supported and motivated.

  • 3 1:1 Copy Chats (45 minutes): private time with me devoted to getting my eyes and edits on your copy.

  • The Swipe Files - samples galore filled with high-converting pages I’ve personally worked on and ones from my FAVS. (The ones I smack my head against a wall I didn’t think of first!)


  • Exclusive Copy Confidence Society Facebook Group: nothing is official until it’s Facebook official, right? This is a super easy way to upload all documents, voice roadblocks, challenges, wins, and ideas.

  • Monthly Q+A Facebook Lives: based on what’s going on in the group, I’ll dive in where you’re stuck and where you need more insight.

  • Accountability Partner: this person will make sure you stay committed and get your copy DONE (Rule #1 of The Society: No excuses, play like a champion!).

  • Book Club: we’ll devour 3 books during our time together. One business, one novel, and one memoir. This is the BEST way to spark your storytelling juices.


Kristen is unleashed, y’all…this can be you, too!

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 7.08.44 PM.png

Oh, And These Sweet Bonuses, Too!

Expert Masterclasses

Each month will feature one of my favorite experts discussing website design, sales calls, virtual assistance, mindset - and more! (Many of these experts charge $250 or more for an hour of their time!)

On-Camera Connection Training

Chances are, you’re on this page because you found me pretty damn compelling on-camera and want that confidence and connection for yourself. (And if you haven’t, ya’ should!) This exclusive training gives you ALL of my tips and tricks and simple tech I use.



Want more eyes and edits on every piece of copy you produce during our time together? Reach your goals even faster when you become a VIP!

The VIP UPGRADE includes...

5 EXTRA Private Copy Chat Calls to go in-depth on your message and marketing.


A Sales Page Crash Session where I’ll personally review your Sales Page with you until it shines like the top of The Chrysler Building.


Let Me Answer Your Questions

1.Why should I devote 6 months to my copy?

Because copy is like water. You can’t run your business without it.

You also want to sip and not guzzle.
One of the things that tend to happen is that coaches and creatives wait til they are Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton at the end of Twister (I will defend that movie until I die, by the way…)

You’re in the middle of a program with a business coach or a summit, launching a program, or onboarding a new private client and you realize every single one of these things requires a sh*t ton of copy.

So, you scramble to find someone but you’re already way behind.

OR you sign-up for a shorter program (4 weeks or 3-months even) and - let me just be super blunt here - that’s not enough time to really hone in on the good, compelling copy that will make you money. Period.

This is why we take it step-by-step so you actually do the writing and get it done.

If not, you go another year in the Twister mindset. Imagine having it all done before the year is out.


Hint: It will strengthen every single aspect of your business.

2.Will I actually become a better writer?

Dear Lord, you better!

Here’s my problem with lots of group programs…

They spend tons of time honing your voice, ideal client, mindset work, without giving you the brass tacks stuff you actually need to WRITE.
We dive right into the writing while doing all of that work.

You’ll be on a super specific writing timeline with zero overwhelm while gently motivating you (and a few challenges, too) to discover the single most important aspect of any successful business - killer content.

3.What if I miss a class?

Did I go to every class in college? Ok, I did because I was a super nerd. BUT missing school is a part of life.

That’s why I’ll record every training session and post in the Facebook Group so you can go back and listen.

All that I ask is that you post a comment or take away after listening so I know you did the work.

(Yeah, I’m *that* kind of teacher.)

What makes this different from other copy courses?

I’m funnier and will tell you stories about my 97-year-old grandpa making a mixed tape of love songs for his doctor.

Better yet, I’ll dig out those stories IN YOU so you can connect to your audience, become a way better writer, and feel confident about what you’re putting into the world.


This isn’t a course. This isn’t a must do this or you’ll die and never have anyone read your emails again.

This is a LIVE mentorship with accountability, strategy and mega-support. Plus, you get my eyes and edits on your work.

4.Will there be a million peeps in this?

Nope. Listen, there’s only one of me. Seriously.

I don’t have some secret team of coaches that’s gonna pop out of the virtual woodwork.

You are paying for ME and my expertise in working with over 100+ entrepreneurs in the coaching and creative spaces

So, in order to do that, I gotta cap this thing at 12 peeps. That’s it.


Who Will I Find In This Live Mentorship With Mega-Accountability?

Health and Wellness Coaches

Finance and Wealth Coaches

Business Coaches


Virtual Assistants

Artists With A Side Hustle

...and you, duh!

Who Will I Not Find?

Product-Based Biz

(I don’t take money or time from someone if I don’t think I can 100% help them)

Folks Who Aren’t Ready To Invest Time Into Writing For Their Biz

People Looking For Someone To Do The Writing And Work For Them

Starters But Not Finishers

Imagine feeling confident about every single piece of copy you produce…

This year.

Having the support, steps, templates, samples, to make sure you get it done…

This year.

With a filled 1:1 practice, a content calendar that works for you...

This year.

And way more than just your mom replying to your emails

(we still love you moms!)...

This year.


 Ready to be one of the 12 entrepreneurs inside this boutique copy creation experience?


MC 15.jpg