The Problem With Pain Points (And How to Fix Them Fast)

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Pain points. Let’s talk about ‘em...

You want people to read/hear about your biz and be like, "Dayyyyumm Daniel, I need to work with you like yesterday!" 

You are taught to get your prospect to this place by touching their "pain" points. 

(Le sigh.)

According to Urban Dictionary (what would we do without it?), pain points are, “Something that annoys or causes a loss in productivity. A "pain point" is just another word for complaint.”

This “complaint” part is key and the reason I wanted to write about this today. 

The idea is that if you can define the chief complaints of your dream clients, you will be able to specifically create exactly why they need you. 

In theory, it makes sense, right? 

You might be thinking that this will help show that you really care about them and that you get their struggle - and that you are the solution. 

But I’m about to throw down on pain points because I think we’ve hit a major wall and we have to make a change. 

I’m on a quest to figure out if we can compel and convert our dream clients, and create success stories without feeling like the mom in Get Out

Here are 2 key things to consider...


The Problem With Pain Points

One of my main gripes with pain points is it sets you up in a sea of sadness. It brings out the Eeyores of the world. 

Let's say you're a money coach who works with moms. This might be how you are currently starting emails, sales pages, or your website copy…

"Tired of being up at 3 am wondering how you're gonna pay your bills?" 

Upon first glance, you may think this speaks to the right person. But the problem with this kind of question is that it speaks to the not-gonna-do-da-work crowd (fancy for the Eeyores). 

You gotta be after the Tiggers. The motivated, ready to dive in, bouncy AF peeps who simply need the formula, system, or action steps to bounce even higher. 

This is because you want your next client to be a success story. No one feels good investing money in a program that does zero to help them get actual results. 

One of my greatest mentors, Di Ana Pisarri, talks about how being aware of your habits and your sh*t isn’t enough. You have to be ready to take action to change it. 

Awareness + Action = Real Change

You with me? This means, you want to present the version of the person that is possible if they work with you. 

This is one of the best ways to weed out the dementors who are going to constantly be complaining in your private FB group, emailing you endlessly, and not doing enough to create change. 


Use Possibility Points Instead

Let’s say you are still that financial coach who works with moms. What if your first line was this…?

"You're a rockin' mom - nailing the after-school snack + that project at work (at the same time) but when it comes to managing your bills, you'd rather take a nap. A long one. You wonder: is there a way to keep more of my money every month?" 

You've used the "pain" to create "possibility" points. 

No one feels gross, icky, or sad. Instead, your prospect is ready to rock. And you’ve also given them a one-way ticket to specific town. 

You’ve brought up the after school snack, the project at work, the closet organization the Kardashians would drool over - whatever speaks to the kinds of people you want to work with.

It places a mirror right in front of them. They see what’s possible and they are ready to make the investment. 

Even better?

You will love your biz even more. It's a total #winning for all. If you build it, the Tiggers will come! 

Pop some of your possibility points in the comments below + let's tease 'em out until you're ready to debut them to your fans. 

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