The Absolute Best Tips to Conquer Your Workday

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I couldn’t make it through my day without these 5 things...

This is for my solopreneurs, creatives with a side biz, or *literally* anyone looking to bring more structure and motivation to their day. I gotchu :)

1. Seize The Day, Sweetie

Annie Taylor Design will instantly enhance your daily flow. As a fellow Syracuse native, I was first drawn to her when Hilary Rushford mentioned Annie during her Instagram With Intention masterclass.

My ears perked when I heard “Syracuse” and I knew I had to check her out! This sparked my love affair with Annie's brilliant ideas of combining organization, paper, and a lot of heart. Seriously.

Annie’s “Seize The Day” notepad is the *only* way I make it through the endless to-do list it takes to run my business.

It’s one of those products that you really won’t find anywhere else. The combination of brass tax tasks, appointment tracking, and intention setting is truly unique.  

As I end my workday, I quickly write down my top priorities for the next day, any calls or meetings, my daily intention, and how I will take some time for myself.

(This notepad even tracks your water intake which is crucial for the lil’ cacti like me out there!)

In short, get yourself one!

[BONUS] She also makes a “Seize The Week” which has become a family affair. (Lots of love affairs with Annie Taylor Design around here!) We keep it on the fridge each week so we know what the other is up to + it keeps our family goals front and center. 

2. The Secret Word

I cannot remember a password to save my life. In my defense, I do have a ton of sites that require passwords. Now, don’t ask me why it’s like Fort Knox to get into my student loan (please, someone else pay that!) but it’s one of those things you can’t avoid.

If you are running a business and you make estimated tax payments - you can pay those online, so you need to know that password, too.

Plus, my credit cards, bank, email addresses - it feels like your brain is filled with some weird combo of numbers, @ signs, as well as remembering which letter is capitalized.

Forget about it!

Get LastPass. I repeat...get LastPass.

It has taken so much stress off my life. It can even generate strong passwords for you. And I love knowing I’m a step more protected against all the hackers out there.

3. Insta Game on Fleek

I take Instagram super seriously. It’s my favorite social media platform, and the one I focus on the most. There is a great combo of inspiration, connection, education, and always a splash of beauty.

Every place I've fallen in love with in Atlanta is because I found it on Instagram!

 The Victorian Atlanta is where my incredible Swiss Cheese plant came from (his name is Gary!) and how I found the most incredible massage I’ve ever had in my life. (Boholistic Bodywork at The Rosefinch Spa!) 

(I have a bi-weekly standing appointment for a Thai massage and a giant plant in my living room, so the power of Instagram is real, y’all!)

For my own business, it’s inspired me to define my personal vibe and connect more with the tribe I want to attract.

But, let’s be real - it’s hard work keeping up an Instagram profile!

As someone who, not only, runs my own Instagram but also a few client Instagram accounts - there are so many moving parts.

Enter Planoly...

It’s a simple app that allows you to manage, plan, and schedule your Instagram posts. (From computer or mobile!).

[HOT TIP] You can manage multiple accounts. And, perhaps, my favorite part is that you can also post to your stories, as well!

Planoly also allows me to create a hashtag list I can easily access again and again, as well as drafting my mini blogs/captions with ease + plenty of emojis!

I love to plan my photos out for the week like my own magazine (dream life!) and decide which photos go well together, where to create more color, and a bit more humor. (And not too many pictures of Jake in a row.) I slightly feel like I’m creating my own Magnolia Journal (shoutout to my idol, Joanna Gaines!) every week.

Want to see my Insta game in action? Follow me @mtoni.

4. But First, Coffee!

Listen, I couldn’t live without coffee. I also couldn’t run my business without a coffee shop. When we moved to Atlanta, we purposely moved into a two-bedroom so the second bedroom could be my “office.”

And, although, I do all my client calls and morning prep at home, there is a solid chance you can find me at a coffee shop in Atlanta almost every day of the week for a huge chunk of time.

Here are my favorite spots…

Taproom - basically my office. This place is the Holy Grail of all things coffee, tea, beer, and maple danishes. The wifi is strong, the staff is stellar (literally will know your name, Cheers-style!), and the ambiance is calm with sunny front windows so you don’t feel like you are ever missing the gorgeous weather.

(Plus, the coconut tea is an out-of-body experience.)

Brother Moto - parts motorcycle shop, parts hipster coffee. This is literally my husband if he were a shop of some sort. It’s like Norman Reedus, Justin Theroux, and Ray from Girls started a coffee shop together, and I am so here for it.

[BONUS] The half n’ half is in a flask, ok? What could be better? (The answer is nothing.)

Sip your coffee amongst Triumph motorcycles, grab a spot on the super comfy couch, and even get some cool gear. You know how people say “cool” for just about anything? Well, this place really deserves the word - it’s cool.  

San Francisco Coffee - the Old Whaler’s blend is life. It’s everything.  Go get it. I love their sturdy, old-school mugs with a variety of drip coffee to choose from. They also have delicious treats and there is plenty of seating.

5. Sweat It Out

Let’s use this past week as a litmus test…

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - super productive days, tons of stuff accomplished, ideas flowing, plenty of protein intake.

Tuesday and Thursday - emotional breakdowns, epic feelings of inadequacy, and all the Mucinex mind garbage men were out to play in my brain.

What was the difference between these two sets of days?


On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I made it to a class and was ready to start my day bright and early (I even did my bangs!).

What I’ve realized about myself is exercising isn’t even about #bodygoals and all that jazz. For me, it’s about preparing the right mindset from the get-go - taking time for myself, establishing my goals, and some physical sweat.

It also motivates me to eat better, keep my eyes on my own mat (in and outside the workout room), and gives me more energy to complete my day.

Here’s some of my favorites ways to sweat (so far) in Atlanta…

Fit: To Be - I was blown away by how welcoming everyone is here. It’s a nice, clean space with challenging classes, and the most motivating teacher you will ever meet in your life. (More on her wisdom in a future post!)

Vibe Ride (Grant Park) - one of the best workouts I’ve ever had was the Cardi B. ride on a Saturday morning. Everyone here is so helpful, kind, and the classes will kick your butt.

Village Vitality - this is the cutest studio tucked away making it feel super exclusive and intimate. Challenging workouts and Becca really cares about her students and will personally address form and any modifications you need. Get a great workout and then stay for an ah-mazing coffee with collagen.

Ok, now you - what’s your favorite workday must-have?

While you’re typing, also tell me your go-to coffee shop in your town. I’m taking a road trip soon and your city might be on it - so obviously, I’ll need coffee ;)