Quick Copy Chat: How to Write Like Yourself

Quick Copy Chat (2).png

You are going to have to write about your business at some point today. It’s inevitable. 

I bet you didn’t know that when you signed up to be an entrepreneur, you also became a full-time copywriter. 

If you're anything like me, you'd rather do something for a client, friend - even for the guy who sings Russian art songs on the subway - than write about yourself. 

I get you. 

That’s why I want to give you one small tip to make that writing easier, doable, and fun. Plus, it won’t take you a ton of time to implement this skill. 

Know Your Favorite Words

Right now, take a minute and think of your favorite words, phrases, and sayings. You can even text your BFF and be like, "What do I alwayssss say?" 

You want to know mine first? (How sweet of you!)

Here's some of my favorites: 

  • Soup to nuts...
  • Literally...
  • In the words of [insert a songwriter and then say the lyrics]...
  • Everything...
  • Doable...

When I sit down to write, I already have a list of go-to words and phrases to make an email, sales page, or web page sound more like me. 

Write Them Down

Now, you may be thinking, “She added this section so her blog wasn’t just 4 sentences…”

But this is, in fact, the most important part. How often do you think of something or tell yourself to remember it - and then within 5 minutes you can’t remember?

It’s because we have a million things racing through our heads. Why make it harder for yourself? 

Take 5 minutes and write them all down somewhere so you can easily find them when you sit down to write. 

It’s a one and done thing. 

When you speak to your audience like a real person, you will stand out. Literally. Because so many inboxes are bombarded with sales-y jargon that has no actual connection. 

Knowing your go-to words + phrases will make your writing pop. 

Fast Copy: Write 3 of your words and phrases below right now. And go…

In the words of Lady Gaga, “That’s $$ honey!”