If This Ride Is About Changing the World, I Want to Get Off (How to Get Better at Talking About What You Do)

Change The World Pic.png

You’ve been at those conferences, you’ve heard that elevator speech, you’ve met that person. The one who says…

“I’m a changemaker...” when you ask them what they do. “I help people find their passion and purpose.” Or “I help people make a major impact so they can transform the world and tap into their highest potential.”

“Whoa!” your next response should rightfully be (and not sarcastic at all)...

“Are you Jesus?”

This is A LOT of pressure to put on yourself and to put on the men and women you help. Now, a lot of this ain’t your fault - the online biz world is set up this way.

Many coaches and service-based entrepreneurs love to lead with all the ways you’re going to come in like the glacier that killed all the dinosaurs and literally move mountains if you work with them.

But you might not be a movin’ mountains kinda guy/gal. You just might want to make enough money to know you’re never going back to that 9 to 5 job with the fluorescent bathroom lighting and instant coffee pot that no one ever cleans.

(Don’t even get me started on the shared fridge.)

Then, the next person comes along and they level it up on their website with global change. Next thing you know we are living in a world of Facebook Ads riddled with change makers looking for other change makers to create change.

Thing is, I’m not here to change the world…

No, I’m not. There I said it. I’m really and truly not.

(And I didn’t blow up in flames when I just typed that so I think it’s ok for you to say it, too.)

I’m looking to make my world (aka my home, bank account, and the community I create) a more productive, stable place.

And not because I have goals of being Dorit from The Real Housewives. But so I can be with the people I love more - my husband, go see my mom whenever I want; travel to Paris and spend a month with my cousin, get my butt to The Grand Canyon, and work with people who I know I can really help.

(I think of myself as more of a Bethenny anyways.)

My goal is to help coaches and creatives write copy that actually sounds like them, pay my bills with that helping, and get some good responses and results along the way.

Now if you’re reading this totally disgusted by my lack of want for world domination, it’s ok. I may not be your girl BUT what I’m hoping you’ll see is that when you focus too much on the bigger picture and not enough on the details, you lose people.

I have a sneaky suspicion (or is it sneaking? I’m honestly not sure) that your ideal client wants the details first.

Your ideal client is here for the details.

They might not be interested in changing the world but they may be interested in…

  • The 3 things they can do every morning to rise and shine with energy and not running immediately to Twitter and coffee for a morning combo of caffeinated rage.

  • Actual strategies to work 10 hours less a week and still get the same amount of work done.

  • Mantras to say to yourself when you’re feeling so sad but you consider yourself a happy person 97% of the time.

All I really want you to know is that you actually limit yourself when you allow yourself to just sit with this kind of general “change” language. It actually takes deeper work to explore who you really want to help and why. It also helps you use the #1 superpower you got - YOU!

You personality has to shine like the top of The Chrysler Building, so when you don’t really allow yourself to write or talk how you really and truly communicate, you are selling yourself short.

And let’s face it - you do want to sell and make money. (It’s also ok to say that, too. You’re still fire proof for now.)

Does this make sense? If so, give me a thumbs up in the comments.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • I can’t wait to get on a call with this client…[insert that client] What are 2 things you love about that client?

  • What are the 3 things you like to help people figure out?

  • When, in my day, does my personality really really pop out of the box? Where in my business is that missing?

If you want some help with these, email me. Seriously. I LOVE talking about this stuff or pop them in the comments below. :)