How Jurassic Park Helps You Brand Your Business Better

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Being an entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner (heck, running a lemonade stand) is hard work. And it’s even harder to make sure you stand out in the crowd. 

Take me, for example…

There are a plethora of qualified, mega-talented copywriters out there. Additionally, many of them are strong women wordsmith wizards. So, how in the world can we all differentiate ourselves?

Not only is this important when it comes to competition, but it’s also even more important for creating community and finding collaborators. 

Perhaps the legendary Broadway actor and singer, Barbara Cook, put it best when she said…

"Very early in my career I was standing in the wings, waiting to go on and audition...And everybody who sang before me had a better voice, looked prettier, had a better figure. And for some reason, it occurred to me...if I could find a way to really learn who I am and put that into my work, then there could be no real competition, because I could only compete with myself, because there's only one of me."

So, how do we find our inner Barbara Cook for our business? 

The answer is in Jurassic Park!

Dino DNA

Remember when the Mr. DNA cartoon is explaining how B.D. Wong and the gang recreated dinosaurs for the park?

Right after the line, “Bingo! Dino DNA,” he mentions that the key ingredient involved using the  DNA code of a frog to fill in the gaps. Voila! - you guessed it - a baby dinosaur! This means you have to find your frog (which is a not-so-fancy way of talking about branding). 

Personal branding is perhaps more important than ever as consumers are increasingly wanting to invest in a person over a corporation. When people choose mentors, it’s not just about listed promises or expectations. That means YOU have to be at the heart of your product. 

(This is why an About Page is the most visited page on your website! Make sure your copy game is on fleek.  More on that another time…)

When I think about my amazing clients who are killing the game, it’s because their frog game is strong AF. 

One of my clients is a weight loss + fitness coach who focuses on the inner transformation right alongside the outer physical changes. So, when you work with her, it’s not about more green juicing or more hours on the treadmill - it’s about something deeper. 

Another of my clients works with parents and the kids they love. But instead of solely focusing on how to “fix” the kids, she believes there’s a crucial piece of the puzzle often overlooked, and that’s the parents. The greatest model a child has is the parent. 

This means the kinder you are to yourself, the kinder your child will be to themselves. The more you chase after your own goals and dreams, the more your child will believe in themselves. 

I also work with a client who owns a boutique fitness studio that isn’t about being an Instagram-level body, decked out in Lululemon, or perfect form. The focus is more on creating community, strong over skinny, and that muscle is medicine. Plus, the core of their workout is done with kettlebells. 

And when I think about a cycling studio I keep going back to, here in Atlanta, it’s because of how on point their frog is. Each class is hip-hop themed. You can take a Hip Hop Hotties vs. Pop Divas class or Hip Hop After Dark or a Flashback Friday Class. 

Picture yourself sweating your butt off to Cardi B.’s new hit “I Like It” right alongside the music video. It’s a killer workout you really won’t find anywhere else. 

Find Your Frog

Right now, take out the notes section on your phone or even an old-fashioned piece of paper and write down 4 things about you (because frog is a 4-letter word) that no one else has.

[Hint] Often, your quirks, attributes, how organized you are, and even your favorite childhood movies can be the key to finding your frog! 

Are these 4 things reflected on your website? In your newsletters + blogs? Your social media? 

I’m writing mine in the comments below. 

Write your 4 things there, too - and please, spare no expense!

While you’re there - what’s your favorite line from Jurassic Park?