4 Smart Ways to Get More Writing Done

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You want to be a better writer for your business. Now, you might not necessarily want to, but you need to because writing is just not going out of style. 

Creating content is the Meryl Streep of business. No matter the trends or starlets showing up on your biz red carpet, Meryl (aka your writing) is always leading the pack - year after year. 

And, if you think about it, no matter the platform, creating compelling copy is always relevant. Whether it’s emails, websites, blogs, Instagram posts, Facebook Live blurbs, etc. 

That’s why learning to be a better writer is probably the best thing you can do for your business this year. 

Even if you end up passing it off to a copywriter eventually, you will be better prepared for that relationship and have a more successful collaboration. 

The Danger of Waiting

One of the things that tend to happen is that coaches and creatives wait til they are Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton at the end of Twister (I will defend that movie until I die, by the way…)

You’re in the middle of a summit, launching a program, onboarding a new private client and you realize every single one of these things requires a sh*t ton of copy. 

So, you scramble to find someone that’s been recommended only to find that no sane copywriter can (well, they can but they shouldn’t) produce an 11-page sales page in 48 hours. 

Writing is a creative process, whether it’s sales copy or a letter to your mom. You get me?

This is why I encourage you to seek this writing help now before that next launch. It will strengthen every single area of your business. 

Here are a few ways to do that based on what you might need.

Create Connection

You need to be engaging with your list. On the regular. You can’t come at them with a product/service “booty call” where you expect your list to buy your 10K Freedom program if you haven’t been communicative and offered them content they can sink their teeth into. 

We are talking juicy, specific, and must-have info that makes your readers excited to find you in their inbox (so much so that they actually move you over from the promotions tab). 

The easiest way to do this and get on a regular schedule is to implement The Connection Email Guide. 

Want it? Get it during The Writer’s Block Workshop. 

Here’s how it works…

  • Fill out a Super Specific Questionnaire (I have heard time and time again how JUST filling out this questionnaire adds so much clarity! #Winning)
  • We hop on a 45-minute call and I take you through the Guide, and how it applies to your specific market.
  • You get a follow-up email from me with The Connection Email Guide so you always have it AND I personally go through your questionnaire to highlight and add comments so you know exactly the content that will resonate with your audience.

Not bad for 97 bucks. Am I right? Contact me here to schedule your workshop!

Better Blogs

Blogs with pizazz, ya know? (She was my favorite on Jem. Do you remember?

I talk with people every single day who are stressed the eff out by blogging. There is no need for this. You don’t have to produce Shakespeare level copy every blog you send out. 

There are literally 3 simple tips that can make writing your blogs a heck of a lot easier. 

If you haven’t yet - check out my FREE video series: The Rice Krispies of Your Blog: 3 Simple Steps for More Snap, Crackle & Pop! 

The videos are super short and easy-to-implement. (In the words of Maui, “You’re welcome!”)

All I ask is that you leave a comment and tell me one super useful tip. That’s fair, don’t you think?

Find it on my Home page here - be sure to scroll down and you’ll find it!

No 90s Infomercials

However, that Proactiv infomercial saved ma’ life in 8th grade but I digress…

You need to be able to highlight your vision, your 24k magic, and all the things that make working with you better than a Beyoncé concert, without ever resembling the people on the streets of New York City who ask you if you like comedy. 

Writing a good sales page is a must. And, once you do it, you can use the formula and steps for every single program you offer. Like for eternity! 

A sales page is also great to use when on a sales call to take a potential client through your program, at a speaking event, and even just to refer to when trying to recalibrate what makes you super special. 

We will be covering sales pages in my upcoming program called Copy U. I’m limiting this group to 10 peeps because we are diving deep meaning by the end of the year, you will literally have ever-ee-thang you need in order to write for a successful business as a coach or creative. 

Plus, I want to make sure you have all my attention. And that you’re ready to finally get all your copy sign, sealed, and delivered. 

Interested? Applications are open! Contact me here.

Writing The Website: 101

You need a virtual storefront. Period. It doesn’t have to be massive but people need to know you’re open. 

Often, this is your number one priority and you get tripped up because you don’t know where to start. And it’s not that you don’t have a brilliant message or don't understand your brand or ideal customer. And it’s not even that you don’t have a strong writing voice! 

It’s that you literally don’t know how to organize and implement. That’s why I created The Done With You Website Package.

In fact, check out one of my recent clients, Analisa, who hit it out of the park, y’all! 

[IMPORTANT] I did not write this website! This is entirely written by Analisa for her podcast, A Balancing Act, using my formula and guidance. 

(Be like Analisa because this website is ahh-mazing dot com!)

Take a peek…

A Balancing Act Website

If you want in on this, it’s important to know I only take on 2 clients a month for this package. Interested? Check out the Done With You on my services here

My main goal is for you to understand that writing about your business does not need to leave you staring at your rose gold MacBook Air (dream life) wondering how it’s all gonna get done or worrying that you aren’t sounding like you, or sounding stiff, or too goofy, or whatever thoughts are running through your head. 

Pick one of the above to get started with + let’s do this thing! 

Have more questions about which one is right for you?

(Pop it in the comments, yo!)